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Announcements: October 1, 2017

Sorry it has been so long between updates. I'm still around, but sometimes I neglect this page. I keep up with the FB page, though. I got around to uploading pictures of the rats I kept from Bram and Lucia's litter (now seven months old) and my new girl Mabel who may or may not be used as an outcross next spring (to reintroduce agouti to my lines, and she has a lovely type and temperament).

Curiosity Rattery is also on Facebook, where you can find more frequent updates and pictures.

Welcome! This is the pointless intro page. I have owned rats since 1986 when I was three years old. I decided to start breeding rats in late 2000, and after several months of rat genetics research in addition to the years of experience as a pet owner, I had my first litter on February 19, 2002.

This site started out as just a page to announce my litters and keep records of my breeding animals, but being enthralled by rats, I have added a lot since then. Here you will find a great collection of articles, links, and tips I've written and put together based on my experience and research. Take your time and look around. Be sure to check out all the pages in the "Info" section, and I put together a fairly comprehansive page of rat genetics, too. I'm proud of my "Links" collection. There are so many excellent rat webpages out there. Be sure to visit them when you have time!

It occurs to me that people seem to be using my site as a reference more than just looking at my pretty pictures and litter announcements. I guess that is because I write way too much. I'm happy if my experiences can be of any help to people and their pets, but remember that aside from a rat-lover and long-time owner who writes too much, I have no credentials. I went through all the same experiences of finding the right cage, food, etc. as you, made my mistakes, and run to all the vets and resources when encountered by a fresh dilemma. My only hope is that through my own trials and mistakes, others might learn something too. (If your rats are sick, go to a vet.)

Where is my information from? Most of my information is from experience. This is coupled with experiences of fellow rat owners and from resources around the internet, from books, and from other references. I am really a rat nerd, so I read all I can. The tricky part is being able to sift the real and the valid from the misleading and the crap (this is mostly where the experience comes in). As a natural skeptic, I always question any resource. Remember that even peer-reviewed scientific journals sometimes publish "crap articles" (as my professors say) with flawed science or reasoning. And not every scientific study nor wild rat observation is valid for pet rats kept in a home. So, how should you use my site? The same way you use any resource. Accept it for what it is, the personal website of someone who loves pet rats and wants to see them living happy and healthy lives, nothing more and nothing less. Never take anyone's word as law. Even vets and PhD's are all just people.

New to rats? Please visit my other site, Your First Rats for easy to follow info, everything you need to know to get started.

I put a lot of hours into this site and my rats. I love rats and I love sharing information, but a lot of this can be expensive. I provide this site to you for free, because that's the way knowledge should be, especially when promoting the welfare of animals. Anyway, if you'd like to help me out, please visit my gift shop. There are a lot of neat gifts there for rat lovers from stickers to t-shirts and clocks.

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Wholesale and Petstores: Please no inquiries about wholesaling or reselling. My rats are placed to private homes that I personally approve of only.
Feeder Inquiries: My rats are bred and raised specifically as pets (for their health and personalities), and I do not breed, raise, or sell any feeder animals, so please do not ask. (There are many other places to find live or frozen feeders.)
Parents and Children: Living animals are not toys, but rats can make wonderful pets for any age, as long as they receive the proper care and a responsible owner. Parents, please read this. Children, please read this.

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